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Comparing Surgical CO<sub>2</sub> Lasers

LightScalpel lasers and accessories have been made in the USA for almost 30 years (Luxar and NovaPulse in the past; now LightScalpel®). They have been widely used in a variety

What is the Best Soft Tissue CO<sub>2</sub> Dental Laser? LightScalpel of Course!

In the market for a soft-tissue CO2 dental laser? Trying to make the best decision for your practice can be complicated. To help you compare the two leading dental CO2 lasers side by side, we have put together a simple infographic that compares the LightScalpel CO2 dental laser against a top competing dental CO2 laser.

Laser Tissue Interaction

Learn the science of how soft-tissue interacts with the CO2 laser beam, including: light absorption and scattering, tissue vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis, and why the wavelength is so important.