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LightScalpel 10,600 nm CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Procedures in Pediatric Patients
By: Kaplan, Martin and Vitruk, Peter | Published: 2020 in Dental Sleep Practice

The many uses for a soft tissue CO2 laser in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, such as gingivectomies, frenectomies, exposure of impacted teeth, and others, feature minimal blood loss and reduced discomfort for the patients.

A Team Approach to Functional Laser Frenuloplasty and Optimal Orofacial Function
By: Mugno, Melissa and Erson, Tara | Published: 2019 in Dental Sleep Practice

The functional laser frenuloplasty consists of the following three equally important parts: methodical pre-frenuloplasty OMT, CO2 laser release with the frequent assessment of the tongue mobility and the presence of tension, and methodical post–frenuloplasty OMT.


LightScalpel lasers and accessories have been made in the USA for almost 30 years (Luxar and NovaPulse in the past; now LightScalpel®). They have been widely used in a variety

CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Functional Frenectomy
By: Riek, Cara, Bahnerth, Stevanie, and Vitruk, Peter | Published: 2019 in Dental Sleep Practice

This article reports clinical cases of a Functional Frenectomy with the CO2 laser and includes, in addition to pre- and post-frenectomy OMT, a pre- and post-surgical systematic bodywork performed by a chiropractor, to achieve long-lasting functional results.