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LightScalpel 10,600 nm CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Procedures in Pediatric Patients
By: Kaplan, Martin and Vitruk, Peter | Published: 2020 in Dental Sleep Practice

The many uses for a soft tissue CO2 laser in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, such as gingivectomies, frenectomies, exposure of impacted teeth, and others, feature minimal blood loss and reduced discomfort for the patients.

A Team Approach to Functional Laser Frenuloplasty and Optimal Orofacial Function
By: Mugno, Melissa and Erson, Tara | Published: 2019 in Dental Sleep Practice

The functional laser frenuloplasty consists of the following three equally important parts: methodical pre-frenuloplasty OMT, CO2 laser release with the frequent assessment of the tongue mobility and the presence of tension, and methodical post–frenuloplasty OMT.


A vestibuloplasty is a series of surgical procedures designed to restore alveolar ridge height by lowering the muscles and ligament attached to the buccal, labial, and lingual aspects of the jaws. A vestibuloplasty is performed to enlarge the denture-bearing area and to ensure the comfort, function, and stability of a denture.