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Science Based

LightScalpel laser operating parameters, control panel settings, and accessories’ designs are based on latest in the laser-tissue interaction science across different surgical specialties from plastic surgery to soft tissue dentistry. LightScalpel’ scientists and engineers actively participate in a number of on-going clinical studies and R&D projects. LightScalpel scientists also regularly present their findings at the scientific conventions.

Technology Innovators

LightScalpel lasers are known for a range of exclusive and proprietary technologies that enable the most ergonomic (flexible hollow fiber with autoclavable variable focal spot handpieces) and highly efficient soft tissue laser surgery (variable pulsing and laser fluence capabilities, distal end fiber calibration, customizable pre-sets) at the lowest maintenance cost (long lasting rugged all-metal CO2 laser resonators).

Education and Training

LightScalpel sponsors a variety of continuing education workshops nationwide. LightScalpel has made a number of clinical case articles and videos available online in order to best illustrate LightScalpel laser applications. Most importantly, LightScalpel encourages laser practitioners to seek Board Certification through the American Board of Laser Surgery, the second oldest Medical Laser Board in the world that is dedicated to the science-based laser usage and laser safety education.

We Sell Direct

We don’t have distributors, we sell direct. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto our customers. In doing so helps us stay in touch with our customers and their needs. Selling direct is a real win-win for both LightScalpel and our customers.

No Investors

Our company was built from the ground up without any investors.  We don’t have stakeholders to please; we just have customers to please. This means we can focus more on quality products, top notch customer support and our customers, not on just profit. We take pride in our work and it shows.

Made in the USA

We don’t have factories overseas. We build, service, distribute, and sell our lasers ourselves. We have just one location in Bothell, WA, USA.  We are not a big conglomerate; we have about 35 experienced and hardworking individuals employed by our company.

Our Mission

LightScalpel’s mission is to provide surgeons with the highest quality, state-of-the-art, precise, reliable and affordable surgical carbon dioxide laser solutions.

We are dedicated to improving surgical outcomes for patients by providing enhanced clinical value and continually expanding the horizon of laser surgery.

We work hard to perfect our products and develop new surgical treatment applications to help our customers provide exceptional quality surgical care for patients.

We strive to protect our customers’ investments in their LightScalpel carbon dioxide laser system through excellent customer service and product support. Our American based Service Operation is the key to our ability to support all of our American and Canadian customers.

We answer your calls live – we strive to never let you listen to voice-driven messages. We provide you with immediate support and attention for all of your inquiries ranging from Technical Support and Accessories to Clinical Education and Laser Upgrades.

Who is LightScalpel?

LightScalpel is an American-based surgical carbon dioxide laser designer and manufacturer located in Bothell near Seattle, Washington.

LightScalpel’s laser engineers have over 300 years of combined technical experience in both the industrial and medical carbon dioxide laser marketplaces, including positions at Laakmann Electro-Optics, Xanar, Coherent Medical, Synrad Inc., Luxar Corporation, ESC Medical Systems, Lumenis Inc., LuxarCare LLC and Aesculight LLC.

Today, LightScalpel offers the LS-2010 and LS-1005 – the most efficient and affordable carbon dioxide laser system on the current American market, along with improved flexible waveguides, handpieces, and the most requested laser tips.

LightScalpel also offers the largest selection of quality laser accessories. In essence, we provide you with the one-stop shop for all of your laser needs. Moreover, we maintain low overhead, which enables us to pass on the savings to our customers while always delivering unconditional top quality.

Our History

2014. LightScalpel receives FDA-clearance on it’s new surgical carbon dioxide laser system LS-2010.

2012. LightScalpel receives FDA-clearance and launches its own surgical carbon dioxide laser system LS-1005.

2009. LuxarCare and Lumenis jointly announce an agreement; Lumenis officially announces the transfer of responsibility for servicing activities for Luxar, Accuvet, and NovaPulse surgical lasers in the USA and Canada, to LuxarCare, LLC. LuxarCare is recognized as the premier Luxar laser service experts and as the one-stop shop for everything Luxar laser-related, including accessories, services and Luxar Lasers themselves.

LightScalpel range of accessories for Luxar series CO2 surgical lasers is launched across all hospital and office-based markets. LuxarCare becomes the certified distributor and service / support provider for Luxar, Aesculight and LightScalpel laser and laser products.

2005.  Gathering together many talented and experienced former Luxar laser engineers and other industry experts, LuxarCare’s founders (Paul Diaz and Peter Vitruk) design and build the next generation of surgical carbon dioxide lasers. The result is Aesculight, LLC (later re-named LightScalpel LLC); a new line of CO2 surgical lasers with improved beam delivery, higher power, new patented laser tube technology, and updated control and display features, along with efficient technical support from LuxarCare.

2002. LuxarCare LLC is founded in 2002 by Paul Diaz and Peter Vitruk, immediately following their departure from Lumenis. LuxarCare’s only objective was to keep the installed base of flexible waveguide surgical carbon dioxide laser in business. LuxarCare immediately manages to capture a large share of the Luxar laser support market.

1988 – 2002. Luxar Corporation is founded by Kathy Laakmann-Crothall and former Xanar laser engineers Paul Diaz, Michael Levy et al. in Seattle, WA, USA in 1988. Prior to founding Luxar Corporation, many of the company’s key technical personnel had also taken part in developing the popular line of Xanar carbon dioxide medical lasers, which later became Coherent Medical’s (and now Lumenis’) line of UltraPulse carbon dioxide medical lasers. The all-time best-selling Luxar LX-20SP surgical laser was invented and designed in the USA by Luxar Corporation in the late 1980s. Luxar lasers employ a flexible waveguide beam delivery system and are powered by an all-metal laser tube technology. Luxar lasers outperform their articulated arm competitors and become the most popular carbon dioxide lasers ever sold with over 12,000 customers world-wide. In the late 1990s, Luxar Corporation is sold to ESC Medical Systems and then becomes a part of Lumenis Inc. in 2001 as a result of the ESC and Coherent Medical merger. During Lumenis’ post-merger reorganization, all Luxar product lines are moved out of Seattle, WA to overseas locations: medical laser manufacturing moves to Lumenis, Yokneam, Israel and industrial laser manufacturing moves to Spectron Lasers in Rugby, England.

The CO2 laser wavelength is the most efficient wavelength for soft tissue laser dentistry due to its unparalleled absorption by oral soft tissue.
testimonial author
Robert A. Convissar, DDS
New York, NY
With a CO2 laser, procedures can be done quickly and precisely. … The key to it all is the flexible fiber. It gives you so much control. Once you learn how to cut precisely with it – it’s a one-shot deal; you can pull away if you need to coagulate, etc… it’s easy, fast, reliable and consistent.
testimonial author
Bert Bowden, MD, FACS
Huntsville, AL
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