Adult Tongue Release by Ben Sutter, DMD

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Adult Tongue Release by Ben Sutter, DMD

Ben Sutter, DMD, of For Beautiful Smiles in Eugene, OR, uses his LightScalpel laser to release an adult tongue-tie that relieves decades of tension and pain. The patient, Jessica, has long standing tension in her back and shoulders that was greatly improved by a LightScalpel laser tongue-tie release (frenectomy). Jessica’s physical therapist commented on the improvements she had after her frenectomy. To learn more about Dr. Sutter and his dental practice, visit

A tongue-tie release with the LightScalpel laser is a quick and gentle procedure that, in most cases, requires no sutures. When compared to conventional surgery, LightScalpel laser treatment results in minimal to no bleeding, little to no post-op swelling and discomfort, a reduced risk of infection, and better cosmetic outcomes.

Published on October 4, 2017


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