Adult Tongue-Tie Release with LightScalpel Laser

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Adult Tongue-Tie Release with LightScalpel Laser

Ben Sutter, DMD, of Eugene, OR, uses a LightScalpel CO2 laser to release a tongue-tie (frenectomy) on a young man who was kind enough to share his procedure and post-procedure follow-up footage. Both topical and local anesthetics were used. During the frenectomy there was minimal bleeding due to the CO2 laser beam’s unique ability to cut and coagulate soft-tissue simultaneously. The improvement in the tongue’s range of motion was evidenced immediately post-frenectomy.

At the three week post-operation follow-up, the surgical site showed excellent healing with no blanching. The patient reported an immediate increase in the range of motion of his tongue. He also noted that it was easier to eat and that food no longer got trapped behind his teeth. To learn more about Dr. Sutter, and his dental practice For Beautiful Smiles, visit www.forbeautifulsmiles.com

Compared to conventional surgery, the advantages of using a CO2 laser to perform a frenectomy and other soft-tissue procedures, include minimal to no bleeding, most often no need for sutures, less discomfort for the patient, and the procedure is faster and can be completed in as little as 10-20 seconds.

Published on June 5, 2017


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