Baby Zaghi says Goodbye Tongue-Tie with Dr. Chelsea Pinto at The Breathe Institute

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Baby Zaghi says Goodbye Tongue-Tie with Dr. Chelsea Pinto at The Breathe Institute

LightScalpel family extends our most sincere and warmest Congratulations to Dr. Soroush Zaghi and Dr. Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Maxim!

In this great educational and informational video, Dr. Chelsea Pinto of the Breathe Institute performs a life-changing LightScalpel CO2 laser frenectomy for the Zaghi's newborn baby who was having difficulties with latching and swallowing during feeding.

The Zaghi family took baby Maxim to visit a team of specialists to best help the baby thrive. Dr. Lauren Brim, a Craniosacral Fascial Therapist (CFT), provided an evaluation and some gentle therapy and explained how the baby’s oral restrictions were affecting the rest of the body. Dr. Chelsea Pinto diagnosed Maxim with a grade-3 tongue-tie and then performed a quick tongue-tie release (frenectomy) with a LightScalpel CO2 laser. Immediately after the procedure, the happy parents notice baby Maxim’s increased ability to feed.

Thank you, Dr. Pinto, for coming out of maternity leave to help treat baby Maxim and Thank You Zaghi family and The Breathe Institute Team for sharing this great inspiring story.

Published on July 13, 2020


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