Sarah Hornsby, RDH, OMT on LightScalpel Laser Tongue-Tie Releases

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Sarah Hornsby, RDH, OMT on LightScalpel Laser Tongue-Tie Releases

"I know that these doctors are passionate and they care so much about their patients and I think the LightScalpel helps them to be able to give the best care possible that they can." Thank you, Sarah Hornsby, for your kind words and for letting us share your interview.

About Sarah Hornsby, RDH, Myofunctional Therapist (myfaceology.com)

Sarah Hornsby graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from Eastern Washington University in 2008. After practicing as a hygienist for only one year, she began to explore complementary modalities to help her patients achieve optimum oral health. She discovered the then little-known field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and pursued training with the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT) in early 2010.

She studied under leaders in the field such as Barbara Green and Joy Moeller, and in 2011, she enrolled in Sandra Holtzman’s training program through the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM).

Sarah opened her practice, Faceology in Seattle and began seeing patients in 2010. In 2014, she transformed her practice into the world’s first fully-online telehealth myofunctional therapy practice. She has been working with patients from across the country and around the world since then.

In 2015, Sarah opened MyoMentor, a new branch of her business designed to support hygienists and dentists who want to learn more about myofunctional therapy and understand the symptoms on a broader level to help their patients. Over 150 hygienists and dentists have gone through her mentoring program.

Although Sarah has become a speaker, teacher, and leader in the field, it’s her journey through recognizing and treating her own oral myofunctional symptoms that makes her so passionate about the field and spreading the message about this critical component of the dental health and overall wellness equation.

Published on July 6, 2020


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