Shelly Klein, MD – Laser Frenectomy Interview

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Shelly Klein, MD – Laser Frenectomy Interview

View our interview with Dr. Shelly Klein of Cornerstone Pediatrics in Prescott Valley, AZ. Dr. Klein discusses tethered oral tissues, and how she uses her LightScalpel CO2 laser to improve breastfeeding outcomes.

For many years, Dr. Klein has been a proponent of breastfeeding and corrected lip and tongue ties with scissors in her outpatient practice. When she discovered CO2 laser treatments for tethered oral tissues, she was thrilled to offer a more complete solution to her patients and their families. Dr. Klein became a member of the ALSC in 2018 and certified in laser surgery that same year. She also became a certified oral myofacial therapist in 2018. Dr. Klein provides her patients and their families with a totally inclusive experience, offering oral myofacial therapy, laser frenulectomies, cranio-facial therapy, and lactation services, all in her rural clinic. Learn more about Dr. Klein at cspaz.com

Published on August 14, 2019


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