Infant Laser Frenectomy (Tongue-Tie Released)

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Infant Laser Frenectomy (Tongue-Tie Released)

Watch while Martin Kaplan, DMD, releases an infant's tongue-tie using a LightScalpel CO2 Laser. Infant laser frenectomies performed with LightScalpel CO2 lasers are relatively quick and easy procedures. They are usually performed without anesthetic, and the infant can start breastfeeding immediately post operation. In this video, the total laser "ON" time is under 8 seconds. The 0.25 mm diameter laser beam is absorbed superficially (approx. depth of 0.015 mm) and is precisely energized to vaporize the frenum with 100% predictability. Approximately 85% of the laser energy goes to vaporizing the soft tissue, and the remaining 15% coagulates the margins to less than a depth of 0.1 mm, i.e. stops bleeding, and seals lymphatics, with very little thermal damage. Published on October 5, 2015


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