Laser Tongue-Tie Revision – Leonard Kundel, DMD

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Laser Tongue-Tie Revision – Leonard Kundel, DMD

Watch as Leonard Kundel, DMD, of Stamford, CT, performs a tongue-tie revision using a LightScalpel CO2 laser on an adult patient. “If airway is the king, then tongue is the queen. Tongue protects airway. Restricted tongue cannot effectively modulate airway while assisting in eating, speaking and swallowing. Frenectomy is a quick and simple procedure with truly remarkable outcomes.” – Leonard Kundel, DMD - stamforddentist.com Frenectomies can be safely and efficiently performed with the LightScalpel CO2 laser with predictable, repeatable and fast tissue release/ablation and instant hemostasis. The precise cutting, minimal collateral damage, clear and bloodless operating field and, reportedly, relatively minimal postoperative pain make the LightScalpel 10.6-micrometer CO2 laser the tool of choice for clinicians performing a laser frenectomy. CO2 laser oral surgery features less wound contraction and reduced scarring in comparison with regular scalpel incision. Published on July 21, 2017


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