Laser Dentistry Lecture by Dr. Laurence J. Walsh

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Laser Dentistry Lecture by Dr. Laurence J. Walsh

In this recorded lecture Dr. Laurence J. Walsh, who has been using lasers in dentistry for over 30 years, touches on all things soft-tissue laser dentistry including history, wavelengths, applications, clinical efficacy, dos and don'ts, techniques, and laser safety.

About Dr. Walsh

Emeritus Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO is a registered specialist in special needs dentistry.

Laurence received his undergraduate education in dentistry at The University of Queensland and then undertook a PhD in immunopathology. He started his postdoctoral education at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and undertook his executive education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Management and at Harvard University.

His research interests are in advanced technologies such as lasers and biomaterials, and in dental microbiology. Laurence was Professor of Dental Science and the research group leader for advanced materials and technologies in the UQ School of Dentistry from January 2000 until his retirement in December 2020. During his retirement, he remains active in hands-on research work and in the supervision of research students.

Published on March 11, 2021


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