CO2 Laser Lip- & Tongue-Tie Revisions by Leonard Kundel, DMD

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CO2 Laser Lip- & Tongue-Tie Revisions by Leonard Kundel, DMD

Watch Leonard Kundel, DMD, of Stamford, CT, perform lip- and tongue-tie releases (frenectomy) using his LightScalpel CO2 laser. The labial- and lingual-frenectomies were performed on Hillary, his 41 year-old patient. The results from the procedure were life changing. Hear from the patient, Hillary, and her reaction to the wildly successful procedure, in her 2 week follow up appointment.

This video contains frenectomy surgical footage, the patient’s testimonial, before and after photos of the lip- and tongue-ties, and Hillary’s side profile. The side profiles show how Hillary’s posture has improved as a result from the procedure.

Note the tension release in the slow motion video.

Congratulations to Dr. Leonard Kundel who performed an outstanding, life-changing, LightScalpel laser tongue- and lip-tie revision. Dr. Kundel practices dentistry in Stamford, CT, and can be found online at stamforddentist.com.

Published on September 15, 2017


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