Osteopathically guided release of oral restrictions on a hyperflexible patient

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Osteopathically guided release of oral restrictions on a hyperflexible patient

Watch as Leonard Kundel, DMD, and Michael Geis, DO, performs an osteopathically guided release of oral restrictions on a hyperflexible patient, utilizing a LightScalpel CO2 laser. An osteopathic physician Dr. Geis explains –before and after the frenectomy – why the procedure was performed and what changes he observed post-operatively. Using his LightScalpel CO2 laser and under Dr. Geis' guidance, Dr. Kundel removed buccal, labial, and lingual restrictions.

This video demonstrates that although there is plenty of motion in the tongue, there can still be a restriction in the underlying facia. This was determined via Dr. Geis' osteopathic assessment, not visually or even functionally. Even in a patient with hyper flexibility, also known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, myofunctional therapy and bodywork were done pre- and post-operatively.

The LightScalpel laser delivers predictable and repeatable tissue response, fast ablation and instant hemostasis. Its high-precision cutting, minimal collateral damage, clear operating field and minimized postoperative pain make LightScalpel the tool of choice for frenectomy procedures.

To learn more about Dr. Kundel and his dental practice in Stamford, CT, visit stamforddentist.com

Published on July 25, 2019


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