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The American Laser Study Club

The American Laser Study Club’s (ALSC) mission is to fill the void in current Laser Surgery and Laser Dentistry education and help Physicians, Dentists, and Practice Staff Members to excel at the efficient and safe application of laser energy in everyday practice.

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surgical laser course workshop

Continuing Education Workshops

CE Workshops cover the foundations of lasers and their applications in dentistry and offer excellent hands-on dental laser training and instruction.

  • American Laser Study Club (ALSC) laser dentistry courses provide unbiased CE laser training opportunities and are taught by highly accomplished ALSC recognized course providers. These dental CE workshops are designed to help dentists and their offices to integrate lasers into everyday clinical practice safely and efficiently.
  • ADA’s and AGD’s CE laser training workshops are often taught by ALSC recognized course providers.

Continuing Education Online Programs

Online CE Programs are affordable and convenient on-demand learning opportunities; they cover both the basics of laser dentistry as well as in-depth reviews of dental laser applications in convenient web-based, PDF and video formats.

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