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Every LightScalpel In-Service is performed by LightScalpel representatives and cover, in-depth, the following aspects of LightScalpel laser operation:

  • ANSI 136.3 Standards
  • Appointment of Laser Safety Officer
  • Laser Safety Classification
  • Beam Hazards
  • Non-Beam Hazards
  • LightScalpel Laser Safety Features
  • Sample Laser Safety additions to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Laser’s Main Components
  • Control Panel
  • Flexible Fiber Waveguide
  • Laser Aperture
  • Laser Handpieces and Laser Tips
  • Specifications Review
  • Unpacking the Laser
  • Connect Electrical Cord and Footswitch
  • Connect Fiber Waveguide
  • Fiber calibration
  • Self-test features
  • Introduction to Lasers – Clinical Training
  • Handpieces and Tips
  • Control Panel Display
  • SuperPulse
  • Power Control
  • Exposure Modes
  • Help
  • AirPurge Adjustments
  • Fiber Waveguide
  • Handpieces
  • Tips
  • Handpiece Cleaning and Sterilization
  • Collimated Laser Light
  • Superficial Absorption by the Water-Rich Soft Tissue
  • Thermal Relaxation Time
  • Coagulation Depth
  • Power Density
  • Spot Size Chart
  • Focus and Defocus – hands-on session
  • Hand-speed, exposure time principles – hands-on session
  • SuperPulse – hands-on session
  • Coagulation and Hemostasis with Presets
  • Ablation with Presets
  • Cutting with Presets
  • Saving and Adjusting Custom Settings – hands-on session
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