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The CO2 laser is a minimally invasive, dependable surgical modality that yields predictable results. The flexible fiber 10.6 micrometer LightScalpel CO2 dental laser is a precision photo-thermal ablation device with excellent coagulation due to the close match between the diameters of oral soft-tissue capillaries and the coagulation depth (controlled by laser wavelength and pulsing characteristics). LightScalpel surgeries often do not need sutures and typically are followed by scar-free healing. The CO2 laser’s ability to treat the soft tissue in a non-contact mode reduces the risks of infections and complications.

CO2 Laser Oral Surgery
testimonial author
The laser enables us to achieve some really dramatic results for soft tissue. By sealing blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings, my laser enables me to operate with a dry surgical field; meanwhile, the clinical benefits of reduced pain, minimal bleeding and faster recovery for my patients cannot be stressed enough… the CO2 wavelength is far superior for the soft-tissue surgeries I’m doing.
Mark Docktor, DDS
Hoboken, NJ
testimonial author
I trust and rely on the CO2 technology by LightScalpel to give me the outstanding delivery of science and technology so I can help my patients experience and benefit from optimal treatment therapies with improved healing times and results.
Claudia C. Cotca, DDS, MPH
Chevy Chase, MD
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