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LightScalpel CO2 Lasers and Orthodontics

There are many uses for a soft tissue CO2 laser in orthodontics, such as exposure of impacted teeth, gingivectomies, frenectomies, and others. The excellent accuracy and precision of CO2 laser treatment is due to increased visibility of the surgical field in absence of bleeding. The CO2 laser ablation depth is controlled to a fraction of a millimeter, which makes this wavelength a gentle soft tissue removal tool, while the sub-100 micrometer coagulation depth (better than diodes and electrosurgery) allows for enhanced, scar-free healing of highly vascular oral tissues (often by secondary intention). In comparison with other dental lasers, the 10.6 micrometer CO2 laser wavelength exhibits the least absorption rate by the stainless steel orthodontia hardware, and also the closest match between coagulation depth and gingival blood capillary diameters.

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Laser Skin Tag Removal
tongue-tie healing results
Tongue-Tie Release with Post-Op Healing Progression Photos
LightScalpel Dental Laser Implant Exposure #2
Laser Fibroma Excision
Giant Cell Fibroma Excisional Biopsy – Ben A. Sutter, DMD
testimonial author
After 5 years doing frenectomies with electrosurgery and testing different lasers, finally arrived with optimal solution. LightScalpel is the most efficient soft tissue laser I tried. Working with kids and infants I can’t recommend a better one.
Marianna Evans, DMD, DABP, DABO
Newtown Square, PA
testimonial author
When I first got this 20 Watt LightScalpel machine I was hoping to have a good replacement for the old Luxar LX 20. However what I am really finding out is that this is not a replacement for that machine but truly a second-generation machine. This is a whole new level of CO2 laser. I am not easily impressed – congratulations!
Robert A. Strauss, DDS, MD
Richmond, VA
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