Ear, Nose, and Throat

ENT and the LightScalpel CO2 Laser

The LightScalpel LS-1005 and LS-2010 CO2 Laser Systems are intended and FDA cleared for use in Otorhinolaryngology / ENT laser surgery procedures for incision, excision, ablation, vaporization, and photocoagulation of soft tissue for treatment of:

  • Leukoplakia
    • including oral, larynx, uvula, palatal, and upper lateral pharyngeal tissue
  • Adult and juvenile papillomatosis polyps
  • Lymphangioma removal
  • Removal of recurrent papillomas in the oral cavity, nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx, and trachea
    • including the uvula, palatal, upper lateral pharyngeal tissue, tongue, and vocal cords
  • Stenosis
    • including subglottic stenosis
  • Frenum release/frenectomy
  • Tonsillectomy and tonsil ablation / tonsillotomy
    • including tonsillar cryptolysis and neoplasma
  • Benign and malignant tumors and fibromas (oral)
  • Superficial lesions of the ear
    • including chondrodermatitis nondularis chronica helices / Winkler’s disease
  • Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP, laser UPPP)
  • Turbinectomy and turbinate reduction / ablation
  • Septal spur ablation/reduction and septoplasty
  • Partial glossectomy
  • Tumor resection of oral, subfacial, and neck
ENT CO2 laser surgery
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