LightScalpel CO2 Laser for the Podiatrist

The LightScalpel LS-1005 and LS-2010 CO2 laser systems are FDA cleared and intended for use in podiatry laser surgery procedures for excision, ablation, and /or vaporization of soft tissue in podiatry for the reduction, removal and/or treatment of:

  • Verrucae vulgares / plantar warts
    • including paronychial, periungual, and subungual warts
  • Fungal nail treatment
  • Matrixectomy – partial and complete
  • Porokeratoma ablation
  • Neuromas/fibromas
    • including Morton’s neuroma removal
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Debridement of ulcers
  • Treatment of other soft tissue lesions
Podiatry CO2 Surgical Laser
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