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Infant Frenectomy with 10.6 micrometers Dental CO<sub>2</sub> Laser
By: Kaplan, Martin, Hazelbaker, Alison, and Vitruk, Peter | Published: 2015 in Washington Academy of General Dentistry Newsletter

Once properly diagnosed, infant lip-ties and tongue-ties can be safely and efficiently released using the soft tissue 10,600 nm CO2 laser with predictable and repeatable tissue response, fast ablation and instant hemostasis...

CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Dentistry

This collection of clinical cases is the courtesy of LightScalpel and LuxarCare customers. Procedures photos include: Fibroma Excision, Operculectomy, Hemangioma Removal, Frenectomy, Gingivectomy, Gingival Tissue Retraction, Implant Uncovering,  and Tongue-Tie Release.

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LightScalpel at the 2015 ALD Meeting

LightScalpel has returned from the Academy of Laser Dentistry 2015 meeting that took place on Feb. 5-7 2015 in Palm Springs, CA. Co-authored by Drs. Cobb, Kaplan, Levine, Linden, Nordquist,

Laser-Assisted Removal of Irritation Fibroma
By: Levine, Robert and Vitruk, Peter | Published: 2014 in Global Laser Oral Health

The excision of irritation fibromas, with the flexible fiber waveguide 10,600-nm CO2 laser is a minimally invasive and typically suture-free surgical modality that ensures dependable treatment of fibromas. It is, in many respects, superior to most of the alternative treatment options.


Kaplan M, Vitruk P. LightScalpel 10,600 nm CO2 Laser Procedures in Pediatric Patients. Dent Sleep Practice. Fall 2020:44-47. Glazkova A, Vitruk P. CO2 Laser Surgery Post-Operative Pain and Healing: A

CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Lingual Frenectomy

Jay B. Reznick, DMD, MD, Dipl. American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, discusses in this video a CO2 laser Lingual Frenectomy procedure. Each step of the surgery is described

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