Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

What doctors are saying about LightScalpel lasers

As a pediatric dentist with 15 years of laser experience, including diode and erbium classes of lasers, I now exclusively use the LightScalpel CO2 laser for every infant soft tissue surgery. The adjustments for various tissue types and the exact precision of ablation are unparalleled. No other laser allows for this fine surgical control. I would never treat a patient with any other laser.
testimonial author
Martin A. Kaplan, DMD
Stoughton, MA
The LightScalpel is the finest instrument I have used for performing tongue and lip-tie surgeries as well as many other procedures. I use it at least four times a day. Before, we were using a diode laser and it doesn’t even compare. Before, a frenectomy would take around a minute or more. Now with the LightScalpel, it’s about 20 seconds. The moms report less pain for their babies (they eat better and are less fussy).
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Richard Baxter, DMD, MS, DABPD
Pelham, AL
I trust and rely on the CO2 technology by LightScalpel to give me the outstanding delivery of science and technology so I can help my patients experience and benefit from optimal treatment therapies with improved healing times and results.
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Claudia C. Cotca, DDS, MPH
Chevy Chase, MD
The laser enables us to achieve some really dramatic results for soft tissue. By sealing blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings, my laser enables me to operate with a dry surgical field; meanwhile, the clinical benefits of reduced pain, minimal bleeding and faster recovery for my patients cannot be stressed enough… the CO2 wavelength is far superior for the soft-tissue surgeries I’m doing.
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Dr. Mark Docktor, DDS
Hoboken, NJ
… management of orbital fat is faster, safer, and simply better than any other technology… With CO2, my eyelid surgeries go faster; there’s less bleeding; less swelling; it’s cleaner; the infection rate is significantly reduced. The precise CO2 wavelength significantly reduces the risks of scarring and pigmentation, and is a bloodless outpatient procedure in the office.
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Dr. Royce Johnson, MD, FRCSC, Dip. ABO
Edmonton, AB, Canada
With a CO2 laser, procedures can be done quickly and precisely. … The key to it all is the flexible fiber. It gives you so much control. Once you learn how to cut precisely with it – it’s a one-shot deal; you can pull away if you need to coagulate, etc… it’s easy, fast, reliable and consistent.
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Dr. Bert Bowden, MD, FACS
Huntsville, AL
CO2 is the gold standard for laser technology, for soft tissue procedures… (diodes) are inefficient compared to the speed of CO2… CO2simply cuts and ablates tissue much faster.

Does the laser pay for itself in terms of the vast amount of time it’s saving me, the lack of needing second appointments and followups? Absolutely. Take troughing for example – the laser quickly eliminates 15-20 minutes of cord-packing time. Multiply that out – having done crowns for over 20 years with the laser – efficiency is a huge cost saver for me.

testimonial author
Dr. Alan Winner, DDS
New York, NY
The flexible waveguide is essential to the work that I do. With my flexible waveguide and my contra-angle tip, there’s no place in the mouth I can’t reach! Every area of the mouth is accessible, and that’s a fantastic advantage.

The SuperPulse wave configuration works much faster and creates much less tissue damage. I use SuperPulse for almost all of the “cutting” procedures, like gingivectomies and frenectomies – it’s a big advantage to have it… in general, the SuperPulse is a great advancement in CO2 lasers…

testimonial author
Dr. Stuart Coleton, DDS
White Plains, NY

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