LightScalpel Surgical & Dental CO2 Laser Products

LightScalpel lasers are the second generation of flexible fiber CO2 laser systems that is FDA cleared for soft tissue incision, excision, vaporization, ablation, and coagulation in medical specialties such as: dentistry, oral surgery, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, podiatry, gynecology, and urology. It is a versatile instrument capable of performing all surgical / dental laser-appropriate procedures commonly encountered by general practitioners and specialists.

The LightScalpel surgical and dental CO2 laser systems further excel the art of laser surgery through a number of exclusive design advances, including:

  • Tipless laser handpieces that simplify surgery and make it even more affordable;
  • Customizable controls that simplify laser usage;
  • Improved laser pulsing modalities for a vast range of pulsing rates and pulse energies.
Surgical / Dental CO2 Laser Systems

Offering the most affordable flexible fiber CO2 laser system on the market today. Some of the advantages LightScalpel lasers have over it’s competition include: ergonomic pen-like handpieces, customizable controls, all metal laser tubes, the unique ability to calibrate the laser output power, best laser wavelength (10.6 micrometers) for simultaneous ablation and coagulation.

Flexible Fiber CO2 Laser Handpieces and Accessories

The handpiece connects to the distal end of the light-weight flexible fiber waveguide. The  LightScalpel CO2 surgical / dental laser handpiece’s exclusive design defines its ease of use, its reach, ergonomics and applicability to a vast variety of soft-tissue dental and surgical procedures.

Laser Technology

LightScalpel technology has its roots in Luxar lasers first introduced in 1991 to doctors and dentists as the first ever soft-tissue surgical CO2 laser, designed specifically for a small office environment. LightScalpel further advances the flexible fiber, all-metal tube, and surgical CO2 laser through a variety of breakthrough improvements in handpiece, laser pulsing, system integration and system serviceability technologies.

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