Cost of Ownership

The LightScalpel Medical/Dental Laser Cost of Ownership

Of all the soft-tissue medical and dental CO2 lasers on the market today, the LightScalpel surgical/dental laser cost of ownership much less than that of competitor’s articulated arm CO2 lasers by up to an estimated $90,000 over 10 years ($4,000 – $9,000 per year savings in extended warranty coverage).

The projected LightScalpel laser cost of ownership is largely based on the reliability and service history of 12,000+ Luxar, Aesculight and LightScalpel lasers serviced and supported by LightScalpel’s subsidiary company, LuxarCare LLC of Bothell, WA.

The (Luxar CO2) laser has paid for itself a hundred-fold.

Dr. Stephen Guttenberg, MD, DDS, Washington DC,
President of the Washington Institute for Mouth, Face, and Jaw Surgery,
Past President of the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,
Chairman of the Training and Education committee at the Washington Hospital Center

Lightscalpel Handpiece
Tipless Handpieces and Disposable Tips

Due to revolutionary tipless laser handpieces, LightScalpel lasers are not required to use disposables like articulated arm CO2 lasers, reducing the LightScalpel medical/dental laser cost of ownership. Learn more about LightScalpel laser handpieces and disposable tips.

Laser Beam Delivery Calibration Helps the Clinician Reduce the Medical/Dental Laser Cost of Ownership

LightScalpel features on-board distal end calibration for its beam delivery system that articulated arm medical/dental lasers lack.

LightScalpel’s calibration system is built-in for the entire life-span of the laser, and calibration can be performed by the user at any time (e.g., daily) at $0.00 cost.

Articulated arm lasers require annual maintenance, performed by expensive field service, to ensure that beam delivery system calibration and alignment conforms to OEM specifications.

Extended Warranty, Repairs, Tube Replacement, and Annual Maintenance

LightScalpel’s best-selling “bumper-to-bumper” Parts and Labor extended warranty is comparably inexpensive – due to its durable all-metal tube, low voltage (32 volts) power supply, and simple forced air cooling system (12-volt fans – and no flowing liquid coolants!).

LightScalpel’s extended warranty brings $4,000 – 9,000 additional annual savings compared to that of OLDER TECHNOLOGY competitor’s articulated arm surgical CO2 lasers.*

*OLDER TECHNOLOGY articulated arm soft-tissue medical/dental CO2 laser requires annual maintenance to ensure its calibration and alignment. Its fragile and relatively short-lived glass CO2 laser tube also requires expensive care to ensure conformance to OEM specifications. Besides alignment and glass tube maintenance, there are other sub-systems, that are just as high-maintenance: 1) liquid flow pumps, manifolds, gauges, and heat-exchangers, and 2) high-voltage (10,000 volts!) DC power supply. The best way to minimize medical/dental laser costs from the high-maintenance items above is to purchase an Extended Warranty, which costs up to $5,000-10,000 annually. Such a high maintenance cost is largely due to how such OLDER TECHNOLOGY articulated arm CO2 lasers are being serviced in the high-end plastic surgery market.

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