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LightScalpel features the most efficient and affordable laser systems on the American market. LightScalpel lasers have excellent durability and feature improved flexible fibers and handpieces.  The LightScalpel laser’s flexible waveguide system allows surgeons to move freely with greater control of beam spot size as well as the benefit of rapid defocusing for safety and versatility.

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testimonial author
When I first got this 20 Watt LightScalpel machine I was hoping to have a good replacement for the old Luxar LX 20. However what I am really finding out is that this is not a replacement for that machine but truly a second-generation machine. This is a whole new level of CO2 laser. I am not easily impressed – congratulations!
Robert A. Strauss, DDS, MD
President, American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Professor of Surgery, Richmond, VA
testimonial author
The flexible waveguide is essential to the work that I do. With my flexible waveguide and my contra-angle tip, there’s no place in the mouth I can’t reach! Every area of the mouth is accessible, and that’s a fantastic advantage.

The SuperPulse wave configuration works much faster and creates much less tissue damage. I use SuperPulse for almost all of the “cutting” procedures, like gingivectomies and frenectomies – it’s a big advantage to have it… in general, the SuperPulse is a great advancement in CO2 lasers…

Stuart Coleton, DDS
White Plains, NY
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