The most affordable and versatile flexible fiber waveguide CO2 laser system to date.

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General Data
PriceContact Us
Accessories, Support, & Customer Service BaseSeattle, WA, USA
Electrical100-120 V, 7.5 A, 50/60 Hz
CW Power to Tissue10 Watts
Average SP Power to Tissue5 Watts
Laser Wavelength10.6 Micrometers
Laser Peak SP Power Density on Target100,000 Watts/cm2
Single Pulse Exposure Times5-500 Milliseconds
Single Pulse Energy10 – 5,000 MilliJoules
Maximum Average Power Density20,000 Watts/cm2
Laser Tube & Cooling TechnologyAll-metal, Air-cooled
Footprint15″ x 15″
Weight47 lbs
What's Included
Number of Pre-set Repeat Pulse Programs50 Programs
Parts & Labor Warranty Period Included5 Years
On-Site Training In-Service Included1 Time
Beam Delivery System Included2 Flexible Fibers
Accessories IncludedAssortment of Handpieces and Tips
LS-1005 - Surgical and Dental CO2 Laser

The most efficient and affordable carbon dioxide laser system currently on the American market, along with improved flexible waveguides, and handpieces. The LightScalpel LS-1005 carbon dioxide laser system is intended for use in surgical procedures such as incision, excision, vaporization, ablation, or coagulation of soft tissue in specialties such as dentistry, general surgery, and podiatry. The LightScalpel LS-1005 flexible waveguide laser system offers greater control of beam spot size as well as the benefit of rapid defocusing for both safety and versatility.

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    LightScalpel LS-1005 Laser System

    Soft tissue surgical and dental CO2 laser

    The LS-1005 soft tissue surgical and dental laser is a perfect fit for a general practice dentistry or surgical office. It is a capable workhorse for dental specialty offices offering services in periodontics, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

    The LightScalpel soft tissue surgical/dental laser with its accessories features flexibility and precision in every way:

    • Exclusive 1.75 meters reach flexible fiber that is more ergonomic than articulated arm CO2 soft tissue surgical lasers;
    • High-quality laser beam that is more precise than articulated arm lasers;
    • Superior handpiece design to best match modern-day soft tissue surgical laser applications:
      • Scalpel-like,
      • Disposable-free,
      • Autoclavable;
    • All-metal laser tube design for greater longevity;
    • Unmatched forced-air cooling for maximum reliability;
    • Customizable control panel settings;
    • Exclusive laser pulsing modalities for the most versatile laser-tissue interaction;
    • Lightweight, compact, and energy-efficient design;
    • Made in the USA and supported from the same manufacturing facility near Seattle, Washington;
    • Special discounts for current Luxar laser owners;
    • Trade-ins welcome.
    laser handpieces co2 dentistry surgery
    testimonial author
    CO2 is the gold standard for laser technology, for soft tissue procedures... (diodes) are inefficient compared to the speed of CO2... CO2 simply cuts and ablates tissue much faster.

    Does the laser pay for itself in terms of the vast amount of time it’s saving me, the lack of needing second appointments and followups? Absolutely. Take troughing for example - the laser quickly eliminates 15-20 minutes of cord-packing time. Multiply that out - having done crowns for over 20 years with the laser - efficiency is a huge cost saver for me.

    Alan Winner, DDS
    New York, NY
    testimonial author
    The flexible waveguide is essential to the work that I do. With my flexible waveguide and my contra-angle tip, there’s no place in the mouth I can’t reach! Every area of the mouth is accessible, and that’s a fantastic advantage.

    The SuperPulse wave configuration works much faster and creates much less tissue damage. I use SuperPulse for almost all of the “cutting” procedures, like gingivectomies and frenectomies – it’s a big advantage to have it… in general, the SuperPulse is a great advancement in CO2 lasers…

    Stuart Coleton, DDS
    White Plains, NY

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