Laser Handpieces

The LightScalpel laser handpieces connect to the distal end of the light-weight flexible fiber waveguide.

LightScalpel offers

  • Exclusive tipless handpieces with straight and angled nozzles,
  • Exclusive tipless adjustable spot size handpieces,
  • Standard tip retainer handpieces with straight and angled nozzles.

LightScalpel laser handpieces are designed for maximum productivity and unparalleled ergonomics. They feature:

  • Autoclavable design;
  • Improved cleanability due to a) elimination of cracks and grooves where debris collects and b) easy access to inner features of the nozzles;
  • Minimized staining due to reduced porosity of surfaces;
  • Ultra-durable anodized finish with a comfortable feel;
  • Ergonomic pen-like grip.
Adjustable Spot Size Handpiece


Our most versatile surgical handpiece as it combines the functionality of three handpieces in one.  The adjustable spot size handpiece assures surgical dexterity allowing for all laser-tissue interactions without switching out any accessories. Its dark anodized aluminum surface makes the handpiece easily visible within the surgical site. In addition, the handpiece is lightweight providing ultimate maneuverability. Its enhanced technology ensures better patient outcomes.


Cut, ablate, or coagulate without swapping tips, handpieces, or fibers. A twist of the handle and the laser spot size diameter changes from 0.25 mm, to 0.4 mm, to 0.8 mm. From precise cutting, to hemostasis or skin resurfacing, this handpiece has you covered.

Saving Time and Money

Because it is so easy and convenient to switch the laser spot size diameter, the handpiece reduces downtime and keeps you in your surgical groove. The handpiece is autoclavable. Use it and use it again, no need to buy laser expensive laser tips for every procedure.

Flexible Fiber

LightScalpel flexible fiber waveguides provide the clinician with the most natural ‘scalpel like’ feel. The fiber is durable, light, maneuverable, and offers high precision.

The LightScalpel fiber also offers convenience with its improved easy-access holster. This new holster is autoclavable and compatible with standard fiber barrier products that prevent cross-contamination.

The LightScalpel fiber is 1.75 meter long.  Extended reach allows for convenient positioning of the laser in relation to both patient and doctor, making it ideal for a medical or dental office.

The LightScalpel fiber is significantly improved in design over earlier Luxar and LuxarCare fiber waveguides to provide ultimate flexibility and performance:

  • Better beam quality enables unparalleled focusability of the laser beam;
  • Perfected proximal end design enhances handling and longevity;
  • Improved distal end design enables a new type of laser handpiece: tipless;
  • Distal end design allows for use of standard tip-retainer handpieces.
Focal Spot Sizes for Tip Retainer Laser Handpieces

LightScalpel tips are ultra-high precision elements of the laser optical path. Their role is to focus and deliver the laser beam to the target tissue. They are developed to give consistent energy delivery with extreme durability. Tips are constructed of high density alumina (with the exception of the 1.4 mm stainless steel tip), and fired for toughness at 3,000 F. They are supplied in single pouches, 1 or 5 per package, and pre-sterilized for a single use.

Rx only.

Focal Spot Sizes for Tipless Laser Handpieces

LightScalpel tipless handpieces are low maintenance, they can be used again and again. Perfect for oral surgery, general surgery, dermatology, ENT, gynecology, and podiatry. Below is a chart of our tipless laser handpiece spot sizes.

Rx only.

LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-06LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-01LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-04LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-02LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-03LightScalpel laser tip LS9005-05
Spot Sizes
1.4 mm0.8 mm0.8 mm short0.4 mm0.25 mm0.25 mm fine point
Tip to tissue distance2 – 5 mm2 – 5 mm2 – 5 mm< 2 mm< 1 mm< 1 mm
Package1 each5 pack5 pack5 pack5 pack1 each
Product NumberLS9005-06LS9005-01LS9005-04LS9005-02LS9005-03LS9005-05
Fixed Spot Size Handpiece 0.8mmFixed Spot Size Handpiece 0.4mmFixed Spot Size Handpiece 0.25mmFixed Spot Size Angled HandpieceAdjustable Spot Size Handpiece
Spot Sizes
Fixed Spot Size Handpiece – 0.8 mmFixed Spot Size Handpiece – 0.4 mmFixed Spot Size Handpiece – 0.25 mmFixed Spot Size Angled Handpiece – 0.25 mmAdjustable Spot Size Handpiece – 0.25 / 0.4 / 0.8 mm
Tip to tissue distance1 – 3 mm1 – 3 mm1 – 3 mm1 – 3 mm1 – 3 mm
Product NumberLS9009-03LS9009-02LS9009-01LS9009-05LS9016-01
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