Marketing Your Laser

Marketing LightScalpel Lasers

We are here to help you market your laser and your practice by educating patients and potential patients about the benefits of CO2 laser surgery. Having a LightScalpel laser doesn’t just give you an advantage in surgical procedures; it can also help to attract new patients and keep current patients coming back.

Online Marketing Tools

Let the world know that you offer state-of-the-art laser surgery in your office and help educate your patients about the many benefits of LightScalpel CO2 laser surgery.

Printed Marketing Material

We don’t just design, sell, and service your laser; we want to help your practice thrive. We have put together a handful of different printed brochures and posters to help promote and educate your patients about LightScalpel lasers. Some of the print media includes:

  • Brochures
    • Infant Laser Frenectomy
    • Pediatric Laser Frenectomy
    • Laser Frenectomy For Adolescents and Adults
    • Laser Oral Surgery and Soft Tissue Dentistry
    • Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry
    • Frenectomía con Láser en Infantes – Spanish (Infant Laser Frenectomy)
    • Frenectomía con Láser en Pacientes Pediátricos – Spanish (Pediatric Laser Frenectomy)
  • Posters
    • We Offer 21st Century Laser Dentistry – 18″ W x 24″ H
    • Why LESS is best with the LightScalpel® CO2 Laser – 17″ W x 11″ H

To request printed brochures or posters for your office, please fill out the form below, or call us at 1-866-589-2722.

marketing co2 dental laser brochures
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