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We Welcome All DEKA Laser or Luxar Laser * Trade-Ins

Upgrading from the  DEKA* laser or Luxar laser to the LightScalpel soft tissue medical/dental laser gives you more versatility with the feel, responsiveness, and precision of an ultra-flexible fiber. Among numerous advantages to upgrading are:

  • Tipless laser handpieces that simplify surgery and make it more affordable
  • Customizable controls that simplify laser usage
  • Improved laser pulsing modalities for a vast range of pulsing rates and pulse energies
  • An additional one to three years on your existing warranty
  • Extended evacuator filter and accessory life
  • Top dollar trade-in value for your DEKA or Luxar laser *
  • Special discounts for LuxarCare * customers

Please contact us for further details about upgrading from your DEKA laser or Luxar laser * to the LightScalpel medical/dental laser system.

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testimonial author
When I first got this 20 Watt LightScalpel machine I was hoping to have a good replacement for the old Luxar LX 20. However what I am really finding out is that this is not a replacement for that machine but truly a second-generation machine. This is a whole new level of CO2 laser. I am not easily impressed – congratulations!
Robert A. Strauss, DDS, MD
President, American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Richmond, VA
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